What is Fixed and Dynamic Solar Shаdіng?

Solar shading is important to mitigate the impact of a building’s energy use whilst providing thermal and visual comfort. There are two types of solar shading – Fixed or Dynamic.

How You Can Hide Roller Blinds in The Home or Office

Motorised blinds are certainly a growing trend and the option to hide the blind when not in use by concealing the roller within the recess or ceiling is a desirable feature.

What are Environmentally Friendly Blind Fabrics?

You may be considering the environmental impact of your building project, but after reading this article, you may well take the impact of window dressings into account aswell.

Safety Laws and Regulations when Choosing Blinds

This applies to landlords and letting agents as properties should absolutely meet the regulations for safety. Interior designers should also be aware of this if they plan to include blinds in their designs.

Antimicrobial Fabrics for Blinds and Curtains

There is a renewed concern about fabrics spreading infections through cross-contamination, so a pathogen fighting layer will not only aid in infection control, but also prolong the life of the fabric.

Bespoke Commercial Blinds for a Modern Building

It is easy to overlook the huge impact that blinds have when designing an office or residential building which are subject to high quality health and safety standards for the occupants.

The Benefits of Blinds & Shading in Office Buildings

When one undertakes an office design, it is important to know how to utilise and control the sunlight during the day. Blinds are the most popular choice for an office environment for many reasons.

How to Reduce Overheating in High-Rise Properties

The experience of overheating at home or work can impact the health of the occupants, it can reduce productivity and result in adverse effects on their wellbeing and comfort.

Disposable vs Reusable Curtains for Healthcare

The debate over whether to use disposable or washable curtains in a healthcare setting has been a dilemma for years. But now there is a new solution, which can save thousands in costs.

Cubicle Tracks for Hospitals and Clinics

With over 25 years as a leading contractor of cubicle tracks and curtains we have developed a unique perspective on serving our customers’ needs for urgent supply and bespoke customisation.

Social Distancing in the Workplace and Retail

By taking pre-emptive measures to defeat the spread of viruses we can reassure everyone that we are protecting the health of employees and the public without compromising productivity.

Vertical Louvre Blinds or Curtains?

When deciding on how to dress a window there are many considerations. For many it comes down to personal style, but the favourite option could have a big influence on the overall appearance of a room.

Concealed Blinds for Windows and Skylights

A modern feature which is gaining popularity is the ability to conceal blinds when they are retracted, giving a minimalist, contemporary and clean look to windows and skylights.

Enviroscreen Celebrates Its 25th Year

On the 1st May 2019, we commemorated our 25th year. We have pioneered design in many innovative contracts and are a leader in some specialist products such as concealed, motorised blinds.

Case Study – 700+ Vertical Louvres Blinds

Solutions for non-standard contracts are something we thrive on and we were soon able to show the clients that we were more than capable of reaching their high expectations and tight time schedule.