Qwick Cube

Qwick Cube offers the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the rapid construction of emergency bed bays and field hospitals while maintaining patient privacy and dignity.

Its lightweight, sturdy design allows for it to be built as a standalone unit or bays supported by a wall.

This would be the ideal choice for applications where there is no structural support or high ceilings that would prevent the standard ceiling-suspended systems from being used, such as:

  • Multi-purpose hospital spaces
  • Village halls
  • Sports halls
  • Community centres
  • Education centres
  • Conference centres

Qwick Cube is constructed of high-quality lightweight powder-coated steel and components with aluminium curtain tracks and disposable curtains installed via the curtain loading point.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large bed space of up to 3m x 3m for medical staff to work
  • Stable self-supporting design unlike mobile screens which can fall over
  • Standalone unit has a backboard to fix services to
  • Can be fixed to the floor
  • Made in the UK with stock available for quick delivery
  • Easily flat-packed and stored for the next requirement
  • Maintains dignity and privacy for patients in emergency circumstances
  • Hygienic finished material for easy cleaning
  • Anti-microbial disposable curtains
  • Available in various sizes
  • Option of cubicle numbering identification

It also features a unique pressslide curtain removal point which facilitates swift curtain removal, reduces maintenance time and improves infection control. 

The Floor Fixing Options Include:

  • Rubber sliding feet
  • Securable feet
  • Wheeled castor with brake
  • Wheeled castor without brake

Qwick Cube can be supplied in kit form ready-to-build by competent staff or supplied and installed by our professional team.


4 sided – 3m x 3m including curtains & back board
3 sided – 3m x 3m including curtains & back board

Supported Bays:

3 sided – 3m x 3m including curtains
2 sided – 3m x 3m including curtains

Prices are available upon request.

Qwick Cube Standalone Unit
Qwick Cube ward cubicles
Qwick Cube U and L shape designs

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