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Automate Your Window Treatments: 7 Benefits of Motorised Blinds

As the days grow longer and the summer sun starts to make an appearance, you may be thinking about ways to keep your home cool and comfortable.

While air conditioning is one solution, you don’t always have to go for the most expensive option. Installing motorised blinds for solar shading is both a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to enjoy the outdoors without feeling like a hothouse.

The beauty of motorised blinds is that you can easily achieve your preferred level of shade with the touch of a button—no more struggling with cords!

And not only will you be able to control the amount of natural light entering your home, but you can also take advantage of light and temperature control year-round.

For example, take a look at Manhattan Loft Gardens. In this project, all the electronically operated blinds were connected and programmed to the home automation system.

Let’s take a closer look at what motorised blinds can do for solar shading and how they help reduce energy costs while providing comfortable living spaces year-round.

This article covers:

  • Benefits of installing motorised blinds
  • Types of motorised systems available
  • Cost savings by installing motorised blinds
  • Value-added benefits of motorised blinds
  • How Enviroscreen can help

What Are Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds are a convenient and eye-catching addition to any home or space. They offer an attractive way to easily adjust the amount of sunlight and ambient light in your room.

With the simple press of a button, you can open, close, or tilt the blinds to control the exact amount of sunlight you want in your space.

Not only do motorised blinds look stylish and modern, but they provide practical benefits for energy savings and comfort.

For starters, motorised blinds are great for solar shading—which means you can easily adjust them based on your preference for natural lighting. They are especially beneficial for rooms with lots of windows or skylights that take up a lot of sunlight during peak hours.

By installing motorised blinds, you can easily filter out the direct sunlight and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the day.

This not only helps reduce glare and heat in your living spaces but it also helps lower energy costs while maintaining comfortable levels of lighting in your home.

7 Benefits of Installing Motorised Blinds

Ready to take your home’s comfort level up a notch?

Installing motorised blinds for solar shading is an excellent choice if you want to maximise energy efficiency in your living space.

When managed correctly, motorised blinds can allow for optimal solar shading, blocking out the sun’s rays during the hottest parts of the day and letting natural light in when necessary.

Here are some of its perks:

1. Convenience

Motorised blinds can be operated with just the touch of a button, eliminating the need for manual operation and making it easier to control natural light and privacy.

2. Energy Efficiency

Motorised blinds can be programmed to open and close automatically based on the time of day and the amount of sunlight, helping to regulate indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption.

3. Increased Safety

Motorised blinds eliminate the need for cords and chains, making them a safer option for homes with young children and pets.

4. Improved Security

Motorised blinds can be set on a timer to open and close automatically, giving the appearance that someone is home even when the property is unoccupied.

5. Protection from UV Rays

Motorised blinds can be programmed to block out harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading.

6. Customisable

Motorised blinds can be customised to fit any size or shape of window and can be controlled individually or grouped together for added convenience.

7. Modern Aesthetics

Motorised blinds offer a sleek and modern look that can enhance the overall aesthetics of a room, without the need for unsightly cords.

  • Easier control of light and temperature – Motorised blinds have integrated sensors that adjust to sunlight levels outside so you don’t have to manually open or close them—even when you aren’t home.
  • Reduced noise levels – Motorised blinds provide an effective sound barrier, minimising noise from outside and keeping your interior peaceful.
  • Improved privacy – With the simple click of a button, you can quickly cover windows and maintain the privacy of your home without having to hang heavy draperies or shades.
  • Environmental benefits – Apart from helping reduce your energy costs, motorised blinds promote sustainability by shielding heat energy from entering your home and by creating shade for your interiors whenever necessary.

Types of Motorised Systems Available

It’s important to know the types of motorised systems available before you install motorised blinds—there are a few different ones out there.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options.

Hard-Wired Systems

Hard-wired systems are hardwired into the wiring of your home and require a professional electrician for installation. They offer reliable, secure operation and you can control them from either a wall switch or with a handheld remote.

Battery-Powered Systems

Similarly, battery-powered systems offer secure operation, but don’t require professional installation—you can do it yourself with no extra tools! These are perfect for those who want control from either their wall switch or their handheld remote but don’t want to hardwire anything into the home.

Solar Powered Systems

This alternative involves energy-efficient cells and batteries that capture energy from sunlight during the day. They store it in cells so that it can be used to power your blinds at night or when there is no light source available. This type of system is great for those who want to reduce their energy consumption and lower their electricity bills!

Cost Savings by Installing Motorised Blinds

Another great benefit of installing motorised blinds for solar shading is the cost savings it can bring. Not only will you save energy costs now and, in the future, but you’ll also save on installation costs.

The easiest way to install motorised blinds is through the use of a battery-powered system that doesn’t require any wiring. This means you won’t need to call in an electrician or local handyman to get the job done, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Additionally, motorised blinds are particularly quick to install compared to manual versions, since each one is already programmed and preset to fit your window size and type.

Since they come pre-programmed, this means you won’t be left struggling with fitting components yourself —saving both time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Value-Added Benefits of Motorised Blinds

When it comes to solar shading, motorised blinds are simply the way to go if you want maximum control and convenience.

But motorized blinds also offer additional benefits. Here are some of the value-added advantages of installing motorised blinds for solar shading:

  • Save energy: Motorised blinds keep out sun rays when they’re closed and open up to let in light when they’re needed—all with just a touch of a button. This means there’s no need to rely heavily on artificial lighting or manually adjusting them with cords every time you want a different amount of sunlight. This can save energy and reduce your utility bills.
  • Improve your home’s value: Every home that has motorised blinds has an instant advantage over other houses in the same area in terms of making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Easier maintenance: With motorised blinds, you can easily keep them clean and dust-free with minimal effort. Their smooth surfaces make wiping them down with a damp cloth no problem at all—no more tangled cords or hard-to-reach spots.

Installing motorised blinds for solar shading not only produce desired results but also adds additional benefits that will add value to your home and save energy for years to come.

How Enviroscreen Can Help with Your Solar Shading Needs

With our wide range of products, you can find blinds that fit perfectly into your interior design project and provide excellent protection from the sun’s rays.

Remote Control

One of the best features is the remote control – you can open or close your blinds from wherever you are.

This way, if you’ve left the house and forgot to close them, you can make sure they’re closed even if you’re far away.

You don’t have to worry about manually adjusting them on a hot day or forgetting to pull them down before leaving for work in the morning.

Motorised Blinds Come with Timers

Having blinds with timers provides another level of convenience. You can set a timer that automatically opens/closes your blinds at a certain point during the day.

That way, you never have to worry about making sure they’re opened or closed when they should be – the timer will take care of it for you!

Plus, motorised blinds come with sensors that detect when natural light is entering your home and will automatically adjust themselves accordingly.

With our motorised blinds, your solar shading needs are taken care of with ease and efficiency – while still looking stylish and sleek in any interior design project!


Motorised blinds provide an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way of achieving solar shading. Through precise control and advanced automation, they allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar shading without compromising the interior design of your home.

Enviroscreen’s range of blinds provides a great way to bring the outdoors in and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

If you’d like to discuss a project, please get in touch. Every project is approached with a solution-finding method, rather than just recommending off-the-shelf products. 

Whether you are a homeowner, interior designer, interior architect or facilities manager, our motorised blinds offer a stylish and practical solution for your solar shading needs.

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