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Solutions for Social Distancing in the Workplace and Retail Post Lockdown

The global pandemic will change the way we work and interact with other people for the foreseeable future. Social distancing measures have forced millions of workers to stay at home and work remotely, but very soon these restrictions will be eased to allow more workplaces and retail premises to open.

It will be crucial to minimise close contact between workers and consumers by exploring alternative ways of preventing the transmission of the virus and protecting the health of employees and the public.

“By taking pre-emptive measures to defeat the spread of this virus we can reassure everyone that we are reinforcing the social distancing rules without compromising productivity.”

Creating a Safer Environment for Staff and Customers

In many cases there will have to be a redesign of office, store, restaurant and public transport layouts. Protective barriers, dividers and screens can create an effective boundary between people without having to result in a complete overhaul of the current arrangements, and by using transparent and translucent materials there can still be interaction whilst maintaining safety and confidence.

Desk partition for board meetings

The Health and Safety Executive and Public Health England are constantly reviewing the national effort to combat this virus and are clearly keen on reducing the risk of another outbreak, so businesses will have to do everything they can to prevent this within their buildings and offices. By taking pre-emptive measures to defeat the spread of infection we can reassure everyone that we are reinforcing the social distancing rules without compromising productivity.

Distancing Barriers, Screens and Partitions

By using our range of low cost, easy to install screens which are designed and manufactured for the purpose of hindering the spread of coronavirus, you can create a safer environment, tailored to fit your particular requirements, whilst retaining a professional appearance.

These screens are hygienic and easy to clean, making them perfect for reducing the risk of cross-infection. Choose from a wide range of materials and colours from wipe-clean, anti-microbial vinyl to decorative fabrics, from a solid opaque material to a range of translucent and transparent options.


ScreenLok can be easily assembled by two people in less than 60 seconds. Each screen comes with feet which allow multiple screens to be configured into an endless variety of shapes and layouts and can be simply reconfigured as and when required. Ideal for workstation dividers, desk partitions or freestanding walling.

DeskLok is specifically designed for desks and tables. Can be free standing or fix to the desk with a small clamp. These come at a standard size of 1200mm x 700mm. No tools are required to assemble.

Rollerscreen reception

Rollerscreen is ideal for environments such as hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, takeaways and other settings. This screen fixes to the ceiling and hangs down in place to provide protection for when staff come into contact with the general public. Made from a clear plastic film for easy cleaning and made to measure, Rollerscreen can be operated by chain or crank handle and features a plastic bottom bar to keep the screen hanging taut.

Hanging Screen Reception

HangerScreen is a lightweight and stylish transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters, reception desks or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes and help to prevent the spread of viruses.

Hangerscreen requires no drilling or installation skills and can be easily fixed to false or lowered ceilings. Ideal for corporate and commercial environments as the wire side guides offer a barely-noticeable solution making for a stylish and neat safety feature.

Curtain Tracking and Cubicles

Another solution for open-plan spaces to create zoning and walkways is our curtain tracking systems. These can be customised to reduce the spread of infectious droplets from coughing and sneezing. With over 25 years as a leading contractor of curtain and cubicle tracks, we have developed a unique perspective on serving our customers’ needs for urgent supply and bespoke customisation. Curtains can be opaque with a wide range of colours or translucent for improved interaction and observation.

Qwick Cube Cubicles

We also supply the innovative Qwick Cube, fast assembly patient cubicle system, designed for emergency and field hospitals. Essential for patient privacy and infection control, they are sturdy and either self-supporting or wall fixed curtain tracks, especially useful where there is no structural support or very high ceilings. These are incredibly effective for the current pandemic, they are made in the UK with stock available for quick delivery. Qwick Cube can be supplied in kit form ready to build by competent staff or supplied and installed by our professional team.

Our curtain tracking is fully compatible for the application of disposable and washable curtains with its unique removal point feature. This maintains ease of access for infection control and is produced with antibacterial properties. With an added antimicrobial treatment they can assure cleanliness remains at the highest standard.

gym equipment with clear divider

Our clear curtain tracking system is HTM66 compliant and accredited for infection control, and provides protection to staff and customers.

The bespoke nature of this system provides a versatile and flexible construction, which can be suspended from the ceiling and / or attached to walls, taking up very little space. Tracking can be joined to create the needed length and shaped to form any angle or radius required. The clear curtains run in an enclosed channel and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt trap allowing for safe and simple cleaning. Curtains can be easily replaced with its unique removal point feature.

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