HangerScreen Covid Protection


A lightweight and stylish transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters, reception desks or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes and help to prevent the spread of viruses.

Rollerscreen fitted to reception desk


Rollerscreen fixes to the ceiling and hangs down in place to provide protection for staff and the general public. The translucent plastic film features a white plastic bottom bar which keeps the screen hanging taut.

Screen Office small

ScreenLok & DeskLok

ScreenLok can be easily assembled by two people in less than 60 seconds. Each screen comes with feet which allow multiple screens to be simply configured and reconfigured into an endless variety of shapes and layouts.

Clear Screen Tracking

A bespoke system which can be suspended from the ceiling and / or attached to walls, and ideal for minimising the spread of infection.

PPE supplies 2

PPE & Supplies

Our range of protective and preventative supplies and garments including face masks, visors, gloves, sanitisers, thermometers and more.