With over 25 years as a leading contractor of cubicle tracks and curtains for hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms we have developed a unique perspective on serving our customers’ needs for urgent supply and bespoke customisation.

We pride ourselves on truly creating solutions to problems, and our team focuses on providing and installing products that thrive in all manner of environments. When we supply and fit medical and healthcare facilities with our HTM66 compliant accredited cubicle tracking systems we ensure that the ideal result is ascertained to maintain privacy, ease of access and infection control.

The Kestrel® anti-ligature magnetic cubicle curtain track system is made specifically for high-risk mental health areas. This rigid and high-grade aluminium track section is used in many hospitals globally. The suspended track uses magnetic brackets ensuring that, under excess loads, the hanger separates from the ceiling leaving no remaining points of ligature.

Bedside Curtain Tracks Ideal for Hospitals

Even after years of intensive use, curtains on our roller hooks do not jam, and the tracks never need lubricating. They run in an enclosed channel and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt trap allowing for safe and simple cleaning. The bespoke nature of this system provides a versatile and flexible construction, which can be suspended from the ceiling and / or attached to walls, taking up very little space. This makes it perfect for high volume treatment centres where space is at a premium.

Cubicle curtain tracks in a hospital

We also supply the innovative Qwick Cube, fast assembly patient cubicle system, designed for emergency and field hospitals. Essential for patient privacy and infection control, they are sturdy and either self-supporting or wall fixed curtain tracks, especially useful where there is no structural support or very high ceilings. These are incredibly effective for the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, they are made in the UK with stock available for quick delivery. Qwick Cube can be supplied in kit form ready to build by competent staff or supplied and installed by our professional team.

Qwick Cube Standalone Unit

Our system is fully compatible for the application of disposable and washable curtains with its unique removal point feature. This maintains ease of access for infection control and deep clean teams that can quickly swap out curtains that need replacing. The product is produced with antibacterial properties, with an added antimicrobial treatment they can assure cleanliness remains at the highest standard.

Emergency Patient Privacy

Within our system we have an option of movable, traverse rails designed to move so that staff can quickly manoeuvre and reconfigure the apparatus to meet any situation to enlarge the space, reorganise wards and respond to the patients or the hospitals’ needs.

Cubicle Curtains

We have a wide range of hospital curtains for sale to accompany these tracking systems with anti-microbial treatments and inherent fire-retardant fabrics. They can be cleaned an unlimited amount of times without losing their flame-retardant properties at a disinfection temperature required in healthcare environments to assist in infection control.

Disposable curtains for tracks

Disposable Curtains

We have a range of disposable curtains available for cubicle tracks, shower tracks and window tracks. These curtains come in a range of widths and drops with a variety of hook options and colours to choose from. They have the anti-microbial properties required in healthcare environments to assist in infection control and flame retardant to the required hospital standards.

Reusable Curtains

Stericurtain is a reusable PVC coated curtain that has anti-microbial properties and a wipe clean surface which prevents the spread of infection. Unlike other rigid PVC fabrics, Stericurtain is a PVC coated polyester which gives it more flexibility to drape like a conventional curtain and can be safely used in hospital wards.

The fabric allows bodily fluid spills to be cleaned immediately using a detergent, unlike other absorbent fabrics. Manufactured from 100% polyester PVC laminated fabric which will not tear or stain. Flame retardant conforming to BS5867 Part 2 Type C for hospitals and healthcare environments and Biosafe® accredited.


Barrierscreen has a split vision roll-up panel which gives the patient a choice of being in full view, partial view or in complete privacy whilst they are recuperating. The two panels are easily rolled up and secured with a plastic popper to reveal a clear view inner panel. The clear view panel allows for complete visibility across the ward giving a visual connection between staff and patients, yet still maintaining that protective barrier.

Barrierscreen fits to any existing cubicle track glider hooks or roller hooks by attaching the hooks through the plastic eyelets making for a speedy fit. Manufactured from 4-ply PVC fabric which will not tear or stain and has a lifetime guarantee. Made using quality components and fabric that have been tested for their superior strength and hygiene properties.


Cubicle Curtain Track Specifications and Benefits

  • Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped and bespoke layouts available
  • Made from high grade aluminium
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • No lubrication required
  • Fitted with a curtain removal point
  • Roller wheel hooks fitted as standard
  • Wide range of functionality
  • Suspended from ceiling or attached to walls
  • Enclosed channels to eliminate dirt trapping
  • Complies with HTM66
  • Silver anodised finish available
  • Biosafe antibacterial finish optional
  • Adjustable telescopic curtain arms
  • Can be designed to use with a hoist
  • Movable and mobile alternatives

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