Blind Fabric Block

Blind Fabrics

Choice of fabric is crucial to the success of your finished blind from blackout, dim-out, sunscreen, metalized reflective to flame retardant, high energy saving, insulating, sound insulating and sustainable.


Blind Types

Our range of blinds and shades come in a wide variety of styles, materials and patterns, including our bespoke and innovative solutions for commercial buildings.

blind box small

Blind Box

Our bespoke and totally customised solution to conceal roller blinds within ceiling or wall boxes for windows and skylights, fitting seamlessly within your building structure.

curtain fabrics

Curtain Fabrics

Our curtain fabrics come in a myriad of materials and colours with attributes including: blackout, dim-out, translucent, flame retardant, energy saving, insulating, sustainable and antimicrobial.

Curtain types

Curtain Types

A vast array of styles suitable for any setting, from conventional curtains to cubicle curtains including the innovative stericurtain; a reusable PVC coated curtain with antimicrobial properties.

cubicle tracking small

Curtain Tracking

We provide a large range of high quality, durable curtain tracks in plastic, aluminium, and steel with many profiles which can be altered to suit desired configurations within your project.

Rollerscreen fitted to reception desk

Social Distancing

Protective barriers, dividers and screens can create an effective boundary between people and by using transparent and translucent materials there can still be interaction whilst maintaining safety and confidence.


Fixed Solar Shading

With an unsurpassed level of expertise Enviroscreen Systems offer all experience available to provide you with the ultimate solution that conforms to every influential parameter, including external louvres, tensile fabric structures and overhangs.

Window Film London

Window Film

Effectively combating the excess light and heat associated with glazed areas, window film controls solar gain in interior settings. This reduces the need for costly and environmentally damaging air conditioning, as well as preventing glare.