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Window Film Manifestation

Modern construction often features extensive glazing, which, while aesthetically pleasing, can lead to challenges with heat and light management.

Enviroscreen’s specialist window films address these issues effectively.

Our window films mitigate excessive solar gain and glare, reducing reliance on costly, environmentally taxing air conditioning. Beyond controlling light and heat, these films enhance privacy, security and safety.

With a diverse range of films that combine various benefits, each installation is tailored to the specific needs of the project, ensuring the optimal solution is applied.

Glass Manifestations

Glass is used to architectural benefit within many modern-day designs to create an open feel. Whilst impressive, people need to be visually aware of the glass’s position with the use of film manifestations as per regulations.

Heat and Glare Control

Whilst solar reflective films are exceedingly effective in the prevention of UV and solar gain their reflective properties can also be used to create impressive visual uniformity across a run of windows; hiding unsightly interiors.

Tinted Solar Films

Tinted solar films do not completely eliminate glare but significantly reduce it. The primary purpose of these films is to lower light levels. With a comprehensive selection of tinted films available, light can be adjusted to the desired intensity.

Window and Partition Graphics

Obscure light or enhance interiors with the use of frosted or coloured films and vinyls. Give corporate images a boost or promote products; the opportunities are endless with graphics, available in any colour and shape.

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Window Film Manifestation Enquiries

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