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The Lordship Lane Health Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that combines a seven-doctor GP practice with Primary Care services.

Designed with a focus on integrating healthcare services effectively, the building features a double-height glazed entrance and is constructed with a steel frame and a mono-pitch profiled roof.

The design philosophy emphasises natural light and the use of natural materials.

However, managing the influx of light while maintaining privacy and comfort was a challenge that needed to be addressed.


To align with the Centre’s design philosophy and functional needs, we installed pleated motorised roof light blinds in the double-height atrium entrance.

These blinds not only control the natural light entering the building but also add an aesthetic touch to the space.

Additionally, we installed cubicle privacy tracks to ensure patient confidentiality and comfort.

The motorised roof light blinds and cubicle tracks were carefully chosen to blend seamlessly with the Centre’s modern architecture.

We continue to provide maintenance services, ensuring the long-term effectiveness of our solutions.

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