Commercial Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Where cost-effective screening is required or in difficult-to reach situations, pleated blind systems provide a simple yet successful method of solar control.

Formed from fabric folded into 20mm pleats, these blinds are supported by tensioned guide wires running through every pleat. Light is dispersed in a unique way that can create a soft and very attractive atmosphere. Blinds can be made to fit any flat shape of opening, and are often used in skylights, atria and conservatories due to their suitability for any angle of orientation.

The blind can be drawn across the opening as much as required to give differing levels of solar screening.

Enviroscreen offers a dependable source for pleated blinds and will manufacture over 2m width by 4m length. Our own specialist fixing system, which uses no mechanical fixings or adhesives, avoids drilling into window frames and potentially invalidating the warranty of window units.

Total Coverage

Pleated blinds give an optimum number of installation options for areas where windows are positioned in all types of orientations; the multiple shapes and sizes of windows within conservatories prove this in practice.

Designer’s Desire

Like roller shade systems, pleated blinds are constructed from a single piece of fabric; pleats within the material however can add to the aesthetics of an interior, giving an extra dimension to the design.

Fabric Selection

A wide range of fabrics are available from translucent tones through to blackout types, in plain colours or patterned prints, with or without reflective backings that maximise prevention of solar gain.

Skylight Solar

Where overhead skylights cause solar gain, pleated blinds are a definite consideration for stopping sunlight seeping in. Comprising slim and simple systems, pleated blinds form very discreet but effective sunscreens.

Pleated Blinds for Offices

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