Straightforward yet effective control of solar gain is embodied in our roller shade systems, coupled with a welcome durability for demanding environments.

Roller blinds are available with either manual or electric operation for convenient day-to-day usage. Manual systems can be chain or crank operated; electric systems can be activated with hand-held remote controls or wall switches.


Sonata Roller Blinds

From simple, manually operated roller shades through to fully automated intelligent shading, capable of integration with lighting or BMS systems, Sonata provides you with a solution that is both dependable and delightful.

Maglette window conference

Maglette Cassette Blinds

Zipped-edge fabric retention technology combined with slim side-channels make this the most durable, trouble-free solution, whilst optimising the size of window aperture openings for maximum window views.

Providing flexible screening of heat and glare from the sun, and helping to maintain positive and productive work conditions, roller blinds are an understandable favourite for standard or angled window types. Their robustness is recognised as a real asset in locations such as schools and colleges where usage is tough.

Often combined with head boxes, side channels and bottom bars which seal all edges of the blind, roller systems are ideal for blacking out rooms due to their single-piece fabric construction. Where blackout is not required, side guide wires, which run through the bottom-bar end caps and prevent the blind from moving in the breeze, can be substituted for side channels.

We have a large range of standard to premium quality fabrics including blackout, dim-out, sunscreen, metalised reflective, flame retardant, high energy saving, insulating, sound insulating, antimicrobial and sustainable.

Hems are finished with extruded aluminium profiles in either anodised finishes or standard powder coat colours with specific RAL colours available on request.

We also supply and install concealed electric roller blinds with our innovative and bespoke Blind Box system.


Enviroscreen works closely with project personnel to design and produce roller systems that achieve the required solar control and which harmonise with the overall interior scheme.

No sizes have proven too large for our capability and we actively support every customer to ensure project success.

Tell Us About Your Project

    Conference and Meeting Areas

    Electronically motorized roller shades serve meeting facilities with convenience. Blinds can be  operated at ease from any location within a room via a radio remote control to minimise distraction.

    Glass Architecture

    Whilst glass often produces the most striking architectural statements, daylight studies must be completed in the design stages to guarantee light levels can be adequately controlled in use.

    Sloped Glazing Orientations

    Side guiding wires which run from the blind mounting bracketry to the window sill ensure the fabric raises and lowers at an angle identical to that in which the window is positioned.

    Light Dispersion

    Use of natural light within the workplace has been scientifically proven to provide better working conditions. Well designed, sunlight dispersing shading systems regulate light levels, eliminating solar gain and glare.

    Understanding Interfaces

    Enviroscreen specialise in providing design advice on the development of bulkheads and voids that conceal the main workings of blinds but allow the shading element to draw and retract from discreet openings.

    Shades in Series

    When several blinds are grouped together in a continuous run, operation can be linked from one blind to another enabling them to raise and lower in one collective movement via manual or motorized controls.

    manhattan loft gardens blinds

    Manhattan Loft Gardens

    The design brief was to create a blind system that would blend with the aesthetics of the apartment in conjunction with a motorised control that would interface with a DALI lighting module. We supplied and installed 3335 blinds, utilising our bespoke Blind Box system.

    Benefits of office blinds article

    The Benefits of Blinds in Office Buildings

    When one undertakes an office design, it is important to know how to utilise and control the sunlight during the day. If you want to control light and heat, reduce unwanted noise and maintain privacy then blinds are the perfect window treatment for your office.