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Cubicle Tracking Systems

Providing a reliable source for the healthcare sector, Enviroscreen’s curtains and Movatrack cubicle tracking systems are known for quality and cost-effectiveness. Our robust aluminium tracking system creates positive and effective bed bays and privacy areas, both in corner and midwall situations.

Tracking can be joined to create the needed length and shaped to form any angle or radius required. Smooth-running gliders run within the track and come complete with hooks, unless hooks are sewn into the curtain for connection after the track is fitted.

Smooth-running gliders run within the track and come complete with hooks, unless hooks are sewn into the curtain for connection after the track is fitted.

Cubicle track is available in white powder coat or satin-anodised aluminium, with coating to any RAL colour available by request. Tracks can have a convenient curtain-removal point, which is particularly relevant where frequent changing of disposable curtains with inbuilt gliders will take place.

Tracking can also be supplied with antimicrobial coatings to assist prevention of bacteria growth, and anti-ligature magnetic brackets for mental health environments.

Curtains are available in a vast range of fabrics, including flame-retardant and specialist antimicrobial materials. They can be unlined, printed both sides, lined or self-lined, with a range of heading types including pencil-pleated, knife-pleated, button holed and eyeleted. All non-disposable fabrics are washable to the high levels required by NHS standards.

Curtains are operated by hand, simply pulling the leading edge of the curtain to draw round the given area. Track profiles are manufactured with easy-clean profiles which help to prevent the build up of dirt and associated bacteria.

Enviroscreen represents a highly competent, single source for all your cubicle and curtaining requirements. We supply innovative systems such as the mobile track system for emergency creation or enlarging of bays, the overhead intravenous track for management of bedside drips and equipment, and the gate system which allows tall equipment to pass through the track. Whatever the specific project requirements, we work closely with you to achieve the best outcome possible within your budgetary allowance.

Complete Coverage

The layout of cubicle tracks should be designed with privacy in mind. Optimum privacy is provided when curtains can draw around track bends facing the ward entrance, eliminating visible entrance gaps.

Support Elements

Our cubicle track systems come with powder coated components that enable fitting in any area. With parts that fit to any substrate, join multiple sections, and take lateral loads, there are tracks for every solution.

Curtain Care

Enviroscreen dutifully incorporate a wash care label into every cubicle curtain. Labels give directions as to specific wash care required and room references for instant location identification.

Ease of Operation

Roller wheeled curtain hooks are a standard part within our cubicle tracks. As well as giving total ease of operation the roller wheel action avoids parts wearing down over time and jamming as with conventional gliders.

Commercial Cubicle Tracking Systems

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