‘Movatrack’ – The easy choice for cubicle track systems

For over 20+ years, the Movatrack cubicle track system has been installed in areas such as hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, schools and any other location whereby an adjustable curtain is required to maintain privacy and ease of access. The bespoke nature of this system ensures that Enviroscreen Systems can meet the needs of individual spaces, as the demand for beds continues within hospital/clinic environments. The Movatrack and hardware can also be colour customised with any approved RAL colour for design purposes.

With over two decades as a leading contractor of cubicle, track and internal solar shading systems, Enviroscreen has developed a unique perspective on serving customer needs using this system. We pride ourselves on truly creating solutions to problems, and not just providing stock systems for a constantly changing world. Our team focuses on providing and installing products that thrive in all manner of environments. We meet the needs of all types of people because when it comes to health and safety, it’s about the patient’s needs. It’s this kind of attention to detail, real-world usage and application that makes the Movatrack cubicle track system advantageous for ward managers, contractors, facilities managers and architects alike.

We work closely with clients to insure project requirements are fulfilled

That means that we understand your need for a versatile product. One that gives you the options you desire when it comes time to build and furnish your next project. We also anticipate your needs so that we can continue to innovate for your every situation. Movatrack and its parent company only work with approved and accredited suppliers and installers, meaning you can trust us to deliver the best products and services, on time, every time. We want to get our products specified by architects and into your hands and your projects well underway.

With each customer interaction, each sale and each installation, we keep improving and to do that we have to ask ourselves, what do our users need. We’ve been working with you side by side for years to deliver projects on time and on a budget that impress clients. So believe us when we tell you that for outfitting medical and health facilities and even for private residences, the Movatrack is one of the best options for cubicle track systems.

What makes the Movatrack ideal for my projects?

  • Even with the strong aluminium frame, the Movatrack cubicle track systems are one of the most flexible and easy to configure hospital cubicle tracking systems on the market. We can project confidence to our clients as well as the patients and medical professionals who will interact with these machines every day.
  • You can attach it to the ceiling or to the wall or both. With the strength of the construction and the graceful design, our cubicle tracking systems are made to be strong for you in whatever situation. As an added bonus the Movatrack is designed to take up little to no space at all, in comparison to other larger systems on the market. This makes it perfect for small facilities, emergency rooms, and other high volume treatment locations where space is at a premium.
  • Movatrack is fully compatible for the application of disposable curtains with its unique curtain removal point feature. This maintains ease of access for infection control and deep clean teams that can quickly swap out curtains that need replacing

We contract especially for each environment because, in the high-stress world of medical care, we aim to be one less thing to worry about. Not only are we competitively priced, but our products including the Movatrack are also ISO 9001 accredited. At Enviroscreen Systems we are constantly working to improve our product and user experience. This means that we gladly meet the very highest standard of quality at a worldwide level. Our machines and devices whether big or small are products that you can depend on. We stand behind every customer because that’s who we are and that’s who we serve.

Movatrack is ideal for medical staff, and patient care.

The hospital experience can be tough enough for patients and their families. Many have to not only deal with the weight of their medical issues but also the cost of care and the hole left by sick family members. In many cases, the patients undergoing treatment as well as their emotional support systems are not allowed to process and heal alone. That is an unfortunate reality of the healthcare system. Patients may have to share rooms with one or more other patients, but that does not have to mean an end to all privacy. After all personal space is as much a basic human need as any other.

The Movatrack gives back a little privacy and more importantly a little dignity to those at their most vulnerable. Each soft divider or curtain cubicle is made of the highest quality medical grade material and built to aid in the muffling of

voices on both ends. With all that is constantly being said in regards to patients’ rights and hospital ethics in recent years, we want to play our part in bettering the situation. Our cubicle and track system is also a boon for doctors who need easy access to their patients. Doctors and Nurses can also be assured that their patients are better and protected from hospital cross-contamination and infection; a major issue for hospitals across the UK. and around the world

Each Movatrack is made to be easy to clean and comes standard with some antibacterial properties. Plus with the Biosafe antibacterial treatment, everyone can rest assured that cleanliness will stay to the highest standard. The silicon-based Antimicrobial polymer prevents leaching or migration of bacteria and fungi on to surfaces which it is treated with. Though the Biosafe antibacterial treatments are optional and only come in powder white coating at the moment, Architects can be assured that it is a good option. One that won’t be too costly, but will add that extra touch to any project that says, “I was thinking about your needs” to clients. Essentially you can go the extra mile for your clients without feeling like you’ve had to go too far at all.

Reorganizing your ward becomes a snap with Movatrack, because each one is made to be durable, light and easy to use.  With this system, it’s never been so easy to respond to the patients or the hospital’s needs. Nurses and Doctors can quickly and easily, manoeuvre and reconfigure the Movatrack system to reorganize wards, to meet any situation.

What makes the Movatrack so special?

As they say, each product is the sum of its parts and each part of the Movatrack cubicle and track system is built strong, up to specification and beyond. The whole system only works with four major interconnected pieces and one optional piece. Each system is constructed to be hassle and maintenance free while maintaining quality over hundreds of thousands of uses. With a sleek and quiet design that meets the needs of patients, medical professionals and hospital administrative staff, Movatrack is the right choice for value, quality, health and safety. All it takes is one quick examination of each piece of the Movatrack system to see why it’s an industry leader and preferred favourite in the medical community.

The 100 Curtain Divider Track

Sturdy, flexible and made of the highest grade aluminium, this simple tasteful and more than effective design delivers every time. The 100 is able to span up to 3.0 meters without any support. It also carries with it double hangers and 10 roller hooks per meter, to ensure a full range of functionality. The Divider Track uses die-cast aluminium wall shoes for securing the track to the wall. For added safety suspension hangers are used to connect to the ceiling. The flat top aluminium enclosure comes ready to go with curtain removal points standard on every section. You can even overlap as necessary.

Made for the pressure of constant usage, with self-lubricating roller runner hooks, the 100 will glide freely for years to come. The roller runner hooks can be loaded quickly and we guarantee that curtains have never been so easy to replace. Our industry-proven Curtain Divider Track complies fully with the requirements of the HTM66. Plus with an optional silver anodised track as well as the optional Biosafe antibacterial treatment for you can ensure patient safety even more. We also offer the 100 in any approve RAL colour to meet your design needs and specifications.

101 Mobile-Track System

The core of the Movatrack, the 101 supports all of the functions of the Movatrack system which in turn supports you and the intended users. Versatile in its simplicity the Mobile-Track System can be altered by width by nursing staff with ease to meet the needs of the moment. It comes standard with maintenance free neoprene tyred wheeled roller hooks that run 10 per meter and carry curtains with ease. We guarantee the system will stay snag free. Also standard are suspension hangers fitted along the track length for a variety of overhead solutions for space issues.

The internal movable divider track housed in the outer frame was designed with heavy use in mind, so your curtains will keep moving quietly and quickly for years to come. The 101 takes up very little space all while providing no end of utility to users on either end. But if space is what you need, then with a spare dividing rail an extra bed can be added with ease, without sacrificing the privacy of either party. The system uses die-cast aluminium wall shoes to secure to the wall unless otherwise affixed.

300 Telescopic Divider Rail

Made of strong but lightweight aluminium components this wall mounted rail was designed with doctors and surgeons in mind. Built to be used with a variety of medical grade lifting equipment it comes standard with a folding mechanism made for years of continuous use. With an adjustable telescopic curtain arm of up to 2100 mm in length depending on the model, you can work with a product that is built specifically for your needs. The divider rail works quickly and leaves little impact going from closed to open in 10 quick and quiet seconds. We also offer the 300 in all approved RAL colours.


Bearing our signature brand name the Movagate is the best solution for cubicle track systems that require a hoist. The brilliant design of the Movagate allows the hoist to pass quickly and quietly through the track. With well-engineered spring loaded hinge and magnetic latch technology, you can be assured that the Movagate will respond not only quickly but safely. Maintenance free with a white powder coating that incorporates Biosafe antimicrobial treatments, the Movagate is the simple yet powerful curtain divider track system. Built to be tough and sturdy the Movagate is supported with suspended V-shaped hangers which assist in a safe professional installation. The Movagate can also be retrofitted to any existing Movatrack system.

IV200 Heavy Duty Intravenous Support Track

Made to be used in conjunction with the Movatrack and crafted from high tensile aluminium, this white powder coated system utilizes self-locking wheeled trolleys that can be trusted to stay put. With a variety of optional attachments, the name heavy duty was never so accurate.

IV400 Medium Duty Intravenous Support Track

Made to be used in conjunction with the Movatrack and crafted from high tensile aluminium, this white powder coated system can be mounted to the ceiling or affixed at cubicle track height. The IV400 is capable of spanning 2.5 meters without any support and comes standard with 2 point drip carriers complete with nylon runners.

With all that we have to offer do we need to say more? With all that the Movatrack has to offer do you need more? At Enviroscreen Systems we live to innovate and develop new ways to aid our clients, as well as the real people who use our products all day every day. Remember, when it comes to hospital and healthcare solutions that solve problems, your first thought should be the Movatrack, your second should be Enviroscreen Systems. Built to last and made for versatility, Movatrack is the industry standard in cubicle and track systems. That means they are built to be the best, which means we only supply the best to you.