Custom-Engineered Window Solutions: Perfectly Designed for Schools and Public Buildings

Balancing safety, durability and aesthetics.

Your Vision, Our Mission.

At Enviroscreen, we understand the unique challenges faced by educational and public institutions in managing their environments.

Our tailored window shading and curtain solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of schools and public buildings.

Enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal, while ensuring compliance with safety and sustainability standards.

Discover Our Tailored Solutions

Pearl UCL long blinds

Proven Success in Diverse Environments

Our commitment to excellence can be seen in educational and public institutions across the country.

From primary schools to research facilities, we provide solutions that make a real difference.

Equip Yourself with Industry Knowledge

Stay ahead with our detailed guides and resources tailored to the needs of schools and public sector buildings.

Learn about the best practices for selecting ideal window treatments that can handle the demands of high-traffic areas.

Can We Reduce Heat Gain and Heat Loss?

This article explains how solar shading can reduce the heating and cooling demands of our buildings, whether this is to improve new builds or retrofit older properties, with possible solutions.

What are Environmentally Friendly Blind Fabrics?

You may be considering the environmental impact of your building project, but after reading this article, you may well take the impact of window dressings into account as well.

Safety Laws and Regulations when Choosing Blinds and Fabrics

We are committed to guiding you in achieving the best, most compliant solution to support the current campaigns and changes in legislation which increase blind safety standards.

Since 1994, Enviroscreen has been leading the way in developing bespoke window dressing solutions for both public and educational sectors.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred partner for institutions looking to enhance their environments.