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St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Juniors are prestigious educational institutions located on a sprawling 45-acre campus along the banks of the River Thames in Barnes, London.

As part of a major refurbishment, the senior school site was updated with light, airy classrooms that overlook the Thames and playing fields.

The challenge was to install window treatments that would not only match the high standards of the institution but also contribute to an optimal learning environment.


To meet the specific needs of the classrooms, high-specification roller blinds and blackout blinds were installed. These blinds offer adjustable light control, allowing teachers to create the perfect ambience for different learning activities.

The blackout blinds are particularly useful for audio-visual presentations, providing complete darkness when needed. The blinds not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the classrooms but also contribute to a conducive learning environment by allowing adjustable light settings.

This feature is especially beneficial for students, as it helps them focus better, thereby aiding in the learning process.

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