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The Music Centre at a historic grammar school represents a collaborative effort between the school and Hertfordshire County Council.

Clad in translucent glass, the building seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, sitting gracefully on the lawn in front of the school.

The facility includes the Clarendon Muse Concert Hall and 24 music teaching spaces, with a full capacity to accommodate 400 individuals either making or listening to music.

The project has received accolades including a RIBA Award for Architecture and an Open Award from the Hertfordshire Association of Architects.


To enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of the Music Centre, a range of specialised acoustic curtains and hand-drawn curtain tracks were installed.

The curtains were designed to be heavy-duty, with a six-metre drop, allowing for flexible positioning around the hall.

The challenge was to create a hand-drawn curtain track system that could handle the weight of these substantial curtains while allowing for easy manoeuvrability.

The result is a stunning combination of form and function that not only complements the award-winning architecture but also enhances the acoustics and overall experience for both performers and audience members.

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