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The Holiday Inn Southend is not just another airport hotel; it’s a contemporary haven for travellers and locals alike.

Located close to the Southend seafront and nearby business parks, the hotel offers excellent event facilities and a unique dining experience.

The 1935 Rooftop Restaurant and Bar provides a panoramic view of the airport runway, serving British cuisine with a modern twist.

However, the hotel faced a challenge: how to frame these stunning views while providing high-quality window treatments that could enhance the overall ambience.


To meet this challenge, we installed high-specification window curtains and voiles in the hotel rooms, restaurant and lounge areas.

These window treatments not only framed the stunning views of the runway but also added a layer of sophistication to the interiors.

In the restaurant and lounge area, we incorporated a specialist fabric wave curtain design. This ensured that the gathering of the curtains was consistent across the room, creating an eye-catching effect that perfectly complemented the contemporary atmosphere of the hotel.

By carefully selecting and installing these products, we were able to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the hotel while providing functional benefits, such as light control and privacy. The end result was a harmonious blend of style and functionality that left both the hotel management and guests highly satisfied.

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