Tensile fabric structure
Tensile fabric canopy

Tensile Fabric Structures

Where contemporary screening is required for solar control or aesthetic enhancement, tensile fabric structures from Enviroscreen are a highly successful option.

As flexible as they are effective, tensile fabric sails reduce heat and glare, diffuse light to create special effects and help to define larger open spaces. They can be used horizontally to lower perceived ceiling heights and to screen service ducts, or vertically as privacy partitions or to establish smaller, intimate areas.

Their modern appearance makes them great for creating focal points and their printability enables them to be branded for promotional purposes.

The system can be used to create flat or 3-dimensional forms. Sails are made from an IFR fabric which is inherently fire retardant and have silicon tension edges, enabling them to be stretched by up to 30%.

They are available in a wide range of stock sizes, colours and shapes, and bespoke options can be made to order.

Atria Aesthetics

Sails are supported by series of cables that cross substantial spans to form intermediate fixing points where no fixing position could normally be established. Atria present ideal opportunities where sails form a focal point.

Solar Gain Solutions

Enviroscreen offer a unique service in order to form a total solar solution. On completion of a sun path analysis we will design and develop a series of sails that screen out solar issues to specific areas concerned.

Distinctive Design

Tensile fabric systems from Enviroscreen provide opportunities for real distinction in interior design and are used to great effect in buildings of all nature. The flexible nature of sails enables their use in any area.

Illumination with Lighting

Whether reflecting or diffusing, natural or artificial light adds a fourth dimension to tensile structures. The introduction of coloured lighting opens up a whole theme of dynamic effects to draw peoples’ attention.

Tensile fabric ceiling

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