Stage Curtains


When requirements arise for a set of stage curtains, Enviroscreen boasts both expertise and product quality that consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

Whether to provide main front-stage screening or coverage of side wings and backstage areas, stage curtains are an essential part of most theatrical activities, presentations and conferences.

Enhancing the impact of whatever is performed, their effectiveness and smooth operation is critical to success, and depends on a suitable track system and well-made curtains.


Mastering Performance with the Right Stage Curtains

When it comes to functionality in the home, curtains are often considered a means of inviting daylight into the room or ensuring privacy when darkness falls. However, finding the right stage curtains is an entirely different task and one which requires a somewhat alternative approach. That is to say, choosing the best stage curtains still takes in many of the same considerations as curtains in the home but at the same time, the appearance of a stage is far more important.

In this respect, stage curtains in the United Kingdom are always in demand. As you know, there are an especially large number of theaters and auditoriums in London which further exacerbate this demand. Even though functionality matters, the focus is most often on visuals and appearance while the nature of design is obviously a lot more specialized.

The Importance of Stage Curtains

With the above in mind, even the average house owner will eventually learn the true importance of curtains and how this simply concept can enhance both the appearance and quality of life. In fact, daylight and privacy are often their main purpose in the home but even these are almost forgotten when the more meaningful benefits of curtains are fully realized. That is to say, there are so many reasons to think longer about the appearance of curtains and why interior design professionals place so much emphasis on choosing the right materials and colors.

In this sense, while curtains are often considered as an arbitrary material, stage owners and designers are fully aware that they play a much greater role in the aesthetics of a room and the general ambiance inside a theater or auditorium.

Creating an Atmosphere and Choosing the Right Stage Curtains

In a time when antique furnishings and a retro approach are coming back into fashion, it would seem that people are also realizing the presence of these materials. More specifically, curtains are no longer viewed as a heavy draped shield from the light outside and much more of a companion to a thoughtfully designed room. Indeed, this is especially important for a stage design which is a lot more focused on establishing an attractive feature and an opportunity to create visual warmth inside the room in question.

Indeed, curtains are usually an afterthought when it comes to a stage and an aspect which is only truly appreciated in the moments prior to an act. Unfortunately, this is often why stage curtains are largely ignored, for too much focus is placed on what everything looks like when the play is taking place. However, the relevance of a stage curtain is usually more apparent, for this is obviously what the audience will see before any performance takes place.

In design-speak, you could almost say that curtains talk to the rest of the room and breathe a personality into the occasion which is otherwise absent.

On the other hand, choosing substandard stage curtains can bring certain moodiness to the room and an unpleasant contrast to the décor. When you consider the importance of first impressions, this seems rather important and a waster opportunity to improve the overall experience.

Creating a Thriving Environment for Performances

As a rule, stage curtains should blend seamlessly with every other component of the interior design and leave a feeling of clarity or continuation rather than confusion. At the same time, telling the difference is often a challenging task for those who may be inexperienced in the world of design and for this reason; professional advice is often needed and certainly appreciated.

Although stage curtains are mostly focused on the main curtains in a theater, there are usually side wings and backstage areas which are in need of a similar touch. For many theaters, this is also ignored and leaves an unfinished element to the environment which most certainly has an impact on the general atmosphere or ambiance.

In this sense, professional designers are fully aware that stage curtains can enhance or detract from a performance while the smoothness of operation is also dependent on the design itself. In many instances, theaters will opt for darker shades to match the seating and other décor but regardless, the material needs to be up to standard and the track system should be smooth and durable.

Main Types of Stage Curtains (And Blinds)

In case you might be asking yourself, there are many types of curtains and blind which can suit a stage or the interior of a theater. Naturally, this suitability is different in every case and is mostly dependent on the design and colors of each room. However, here are some of the most common types associated with this type of setup:

Conventional Stage Curtains – Conventional curtains are the ultimate screen solution and the most common choice for stage curtains. Although most curtains are considered for the amount of privacy the offer of light they restrict, stage curtains should also provide reduced noise and superior insulation for the backstage area. Furthermore, conventional curtains can also be used in conjunction with a variety of blinds.

Stage Blinds – Blinds are often considered the most affordable screening solution or. For areas which are particularly hard to reach. In this sense, they are each to control from a distance while also providing an option to adjust the amount of light protruding through the blinds. Pleated blinds and Roller blinds are both common choices while the flat and durable nature of blinds can make them more suited to overhead glass panels or skylights near the stage.

As you can imagine, the nature of the room or stage will require a different approach in every instance and one or two of the above is often the best way to proceed.

Final Note about Choosing Stage Curtains

Stage curtains have the potential to light up an auditorium but for similar reasons, they can also have a rather negative impact on the appearance. However, this is also true of curtains in any environment, from vacation homes and small apartments to mansions and restaurants; specific curtains are more suited to specific rooms.

For example, you might have a wood benched dining room table next to white fiberglass doors leading out to the garden. Most often, this is not a time to add dark or heavy shades to the appearance and conversely, light beige or peach tinted colors are usually ideal and bring further brightness to the room.

That being said, the weight of these curtains also need to reflect the purpose of the room. In the case of a bedroom, the color of the curtains need to blend in with the furnishings and walls etc. but then they should also provide sufficient insulation from any cold seeping in from the windows. Furthermore, bedroom curtains should always be heavy enough to block out light for early mornings when you may not be ready for the influx of light.

Finding the Best Stage Curtains in the UK

In case you might be wondering, many of these same considerations are also relevant when it comes to stage curtains. After all, when these curtains are not shielding performers from the waiting audience, the visual appearance of a stage curtain is just as important as the whether it moves or not. As you might expect, color is usually a sticking point when it comes to choosing the best stage curtains. Most often, home designers will opt for colors to continue a specific theme and this is also true in a theater.

Either way, consulting the professionals is usually the best way to go about getting the size or colors right and choosing a design which is likely to have a genuine impact on the stage performance.