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We all know that office blinds in London are meant to help you protect your working environment from the sun – and control the natural light as you’d like. However, there are many other benefits of choosing office blinds.


For example, they can also add some privacy to your office – or shade the room if you are displaying an important presentation on the wall. Generally, simple and affordable office blinds in London are easy to find.


At EnviroScreen, we are here to show you all the benefits of these blinds, as well as all of the colors and styles for different working environments. As a leader in the market, we pride ourselves on many completed jobs and many satisfied clients.


Below, we are listing everything you need to know about choosing the perfect London office blinds.


Measuring Up Your Office Blinds

If you are not certain about what kind of office blinds in London is the best choice for your working environment, you should start measuring things up. But even before that, you should decide which fitting option you prefer:


  • Inside the recess or
  • Outside the recess


For many people, teaming up the blinds with curtains is a great option too. If your office is large, it is important to choose a blind that sits outside the recess and blocks out more light. Similarly, for an office blind that is going inside the window recess, you should measure the exact width of the recess at its narrowest point and the height of the recess too.


If you are interested in choosing a blind that is going to hand outside of the recess, you should measure the width of the recess and add 4cm to each side – and then measure the height of the recess and add 15cm. Also, you should decide which side the pulley and catch should be in case so that accessing them is not an issue.


As soon as you check all of these points, it’s time to look at the most popular London office blind styles.

Office Blind Types: Creating The Perfect Working Atmosphere

Believe it or not, office blinds have a lot to do with how you are enhancing the working efficiency and increasing the profits of your company. Every business nowadays must look for the best ways to create a clean, elegant and noiseless environment within the office.


A lot of that can be achieved by controlling light and maintaining the complete privacy of your business. There are many different types of office blinds in London that can help you in that manner, including…

Roller Blinds

The concept of office roller blinds in London is pretty much universal. This means that roller blinds are a versatile option and made up of just one strip of material. Additionally, this type of office blinds is available in many colors, fabrics and patterns which makes it easy to choose a style based on your exact needs.


Roller blinds are perfect for matching the style of your existing office decor and making them blend easily, creating simple lines that give you a super stylish vibe. There are different types of roller office blinds with individual benefits. However, all of them can become stylish if you pick the right style of your office.


So, there is no reason why you should not be dressing your office windows with roller blinds, right?


Tip: Roller blinds are universal. If you want to enhance a view, make sure to choose a neutral color like white. If you want to cover things up and need a darker office, choose a color like light or dark gray.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds for offices are a great option whenever you think that the venetian or vertical style is a little too contemporary for your taste. The truth is, there are more and more Roman office blinds in London and their popularity is rising.


Simply put, Roman blinds are raised so that the fabric folds in a way that is reminiscent of the way curtains look. This brings softness to the room without making the curtains big or bulky. This type is available in many different patterns, colors and styles. Whether it’s a traditional or a classic office, they perfectly add up to the decor and can act as a truly beautiful focal point in any office.


Tip: Roman blinds are a great alternative to curtains – having the same function but without appearing bulky. They are also easier to clean than curtains and don’t fade in sunlight. Most importantly, they are available in fabrics that allow light to filter through.

Venetian Blinds

If you haven’t seen an office in London with venetian blinds, you are probably the only one out there. They come in as a standard option and offer a lot of flexibility and control. The fact that you can customize them to suit your office needs and control them as you like makes them a great option.


Venetian office blinds are also great because of their shading abilities – or lighting ones when you want to open up a space. It is very easy to find a style that suits your office, and these types of blinds have grown in terms of popularity over the past couple of years. This has a lot to do with their modern design and the wider choice of options.


Tip: If you want to invest in a more luxurious, elegant design, choose wooden venetian blinds for that nice added touch of cool vintage design.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular choice in many London offices, mostly because of the fact that they are elegant and easy to maintain. The vertical slats are very easy to clean yet great in keeping dust at bay. While some people may think that standard vertical blinds are bland and boring, they are actually providing much comfort and are available in a number of colors that inject a bit more style into them and give them a unique look.


Even if you choose neutral when getting your vertical blinds for your London office, you will add a subtle hint of class in a simple way. Plus, you will create a working space that is welcoming and well put together which makes it a lot more inviting.


Tip: Vertical blinds are great in all spaces – but best fitting spaces with windows that are half size of the wall.


The Office Benefits From Blind Improvements

We all know that curtains are getting more and more outdated each year – making a lot of people consider office window blinds as the most modern and stylish option for their workspaces.


However, style and design is not the only reason why London offices are getting revamped with office blinds. The main reason there are so many different office blind styles is simple – each of them contributes to the working environment in a unique way, boosts productivity and opens up the office making it more spacious and more relaxed.


The truth is, the world of commercial blinds has become even more sophisticated in the modern era. There are fancy laptops, computers, ergonomic furniture and everything that creates an optimal working space while boosting productivity. In an office like this, investing in top-quality office blinds is something everyone should do.


Just imagine sitting on your new laptop, enjoying your new chair and table but not being able to enjoy the view from your window. With an office blind, though, you can customize your view, make the room bright or dark according to your needs and decide how much light enters the office.


Whether it’s a sunny day when you want the sun to enter your office or a high-powered presentation when you want to black-out your office and focus on the presentation, it is you who gets the maximum control over your London office blinds and you who is benefiting from them in many ways possible.

Choosing The Best Office Blinds Contractor In London

When you are choosing a service you want to pay for, you must be confident in the people that you are dealing with. When it comes to office blinds in London, this translates to choosing a company that is specialized in office blinds for all kinds of windows and environments.


Moreover, the office blind experts you are choosing should be experienced and have a portfolio of past projects to show you – and once again prove the many benefits of office blinds for your working environment.


When it comes to office blinds and shutters, a professional contractor should help you decide between the range of options. Whether you are renovating your London office or just want to add some accessories and make it more modern – you want options. Here, the professional window blinds company that you are working with needs to provide you with that options and advise on the best one for your needs.


The truth is, only a professional can sometimes see the missing things in your office or the potential challenges with any type of office blinds. Their years of experience is what sets them apart and what can help you find a decent solution for every window in your office.


Whether you need privacy, light or are facing ventilation problems, the office blinds contractor in London should help you find the right solution for your needs. It goes without saying that you should choose a company with years of experience known for their customer service, range of office blind installations and customized solutions. Also, you should consider a warranty on each model of office blinds as the best reassurement that you invested in something durable and long-lasting.

Meet Enviroscreen: Your One-Stop Destination For All Kinds Of Office Blinds In London

At Enviroscreen, we pride ourselves on our experience in installing office blinds, curtains, window film, curtain tracks and working with many different blind fabrics. From screening to solar protection, we have been on the London market for more than twenty years.


It all began in 1994 with a simple vision to make offices better, more spacious and more customizable. Two decades later, Enviroscreen is a leading name for office blinds in the UK and one of the most popular blind contractors in London.


From roller to venetian and vertical blinds, we will help you choose the best London office blind options that give you effective control of solar gain coupled with durability for any demanding environments.


We are specialized in office blinds, school blinds, penthouse blinds and every sort of blinds in London that you can think of – showing you the very best of interior design and durable blinds.


Our office blinds will help you get a shade from the sun, black out your office for presentation needs, properly ventilate an environment and maintain positive and productive work conditions in every corner of your office. We will help you see the beauty of daylight without straining your eyes or suffering from lack of productivity.


So, what are you waiting for?


It’s time to make your office work-friendly!


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