Brise Soleil Systems

Brise Soleil systems effectively reduce heat and glare while allowing natural light to filter through, enhancing both the comfort and appearance of any building.

They can be mounted horizontally to shade windows and façades or vertically to create striking architectural features and privacy screens.

Modern Design Features

The sleek design of Brise Soleil makes them ideal for creating modern visual appeal. They can also be customised with various finishes to complement a building’s style and branding.

Versatile Configurations

Our systems can be tailored to form various configurations, from linear to curved elements.

The aluminium blades are durable and can be angled for optimal shading performance.

Available in numerous standard sizes and finishes, bespoke solutions can also be crafted to meet specific requirements.

Facade Enhancement

Brise Soleil systems are mounted on façades to provide effective solar shading while adding a distinctive visual element. They are perfect for atria, courtyards and large glazed areas.

Comprehensive Solar Control

Enviroscreen offers a unique service to develop a complete solar control solution. Following a detailed sun path analysis, we design and install Brise Soleil systems that address solar challenges specific to your building’s layout.

Distinctive Design

Brise Soleil systems from Enviroscreen offer unparalleled opportunities for distinctive architectural design, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of any structure.

Dynamic Lighting Integration

Integrating lighting with Brise Soleil systems can create captivating effects, adding a new dimension to both day and night aesthetics. Coloured lighting can be introduced to achieve a range of dynamic visual effects.


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