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Working to maintain a position in the forefront of the solar control industry takes an in depth understanding of the elements involved. Issues are not resolved by any means of screening; choices need to be based on specific data that has been carefully calculated by persons with significant training and experience.

Numerous influential factors need consideration including the buildings orientation, surrounding scenery, its geographical location, total annual sunlight exposure, the daily sun path, external shading present and the interior design intent of the architect. Building elevations that don’t receive sunlight directly, can also suffer with reflected light from adjacent structures.

Today’s technology has enabled us to develop comprehensive computing programmes that automatically manage all types of sun screens within a building to perfectly balance the use of daylight for positive use.

With an unsurpassed level of expertise Enviroscreen Systems offer all experience available to provide you with the ultimate solution that conforms to every influential parameter.

Interior Aesthetics

Window treatments also play a vital role in interior design. Enviroscreen offer a total sample service with design input where necessary to ensure a complete design visualisation is achieved.

Consult with Confidence

Many companies need a secluded area where confidential business can be conducted. Carefully chosen solar screens can also combine as privacy solutions to satisfy confidentiality requirements.

Positive Performance

Inappropriate use of sunlight can cause issues, though the discerning designer can use it to great effect, providing solar screens that improve peoples’ performance, natural wellbeing and circumstantial satisfaction.

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