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Barrierscreen has a split vision roll-up panel which gives the patient a choice of being in full view, partial view or in complete privacy whilst they are recuperating. The two panels are easily rolled up and secured with a plastic popper to reveal a clear view inner panel. The clear view panel allows for complete visibility across the ward giving a visual connection between staff and patients, yet still maintaining that protective barrier.

Barrierscreen fits to any existing cubicle track glider hooks or roller hooks by attaching the hooks through the plastic eyelets making for a speedy fit. Manufactured from 4-ply PVC fabric which will not tear or stain and has a lifetime guarantee. Made using quality components and fabric that have been tested for their superior strength and hygiene properties.

  • Infection control – Maintains patient privacy but keeps a protective barrier in place so that social distancing between beds can be adhered to
  • Patient privacy – Barrierscreen has a split vision roll-up panel
  • Easy to clean – Using a detergent, Barrierscreen can be wiped down in-situ as part of a routine bed cleaning process when a patient leaves
  • Unobtrusive – Unlike freestanding screens, the curtain doesn’t become an obstacle and will not get in the way of staff and nurses
  • Simple to hang – The vision panel curtain fits to any existing cubicle track glider hooks or roller hooks
  • Significant cost savings – No disposal, facilities and laundry service costs
  • Sustainable – An environmentally preferable choice over single use throw away disposable curtains
  • Available in 14 colours and as standard in 2.1m length by 2m drop or made to measure
  • Anti-bacterial, will not tear or stain and is resistant to mould and mildew
  • Biosafe® accredited and Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions
  • Flame retardant conforming to BS5867 Part 2 Type B
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