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Maglette Skylight Blinds

Tensioned blind system operated via manual or motorisation with controls to suit and blackout or dimout fabric from the Envirotech® range.

Zipped-edge fabric retention combined with powerful constant-tension spring technology is what makes Maglette Skylight blinds the perfect solution for rooflights, atria and sloping windows.

Maglette Skylight blinds are robustly built to provide a maintenance-free blind and L-angle profiles can be supplied to create a simple and beautiful rooflight installation. Alternatively, the cassette system with headboxes and side channels can be recessed into walls or ceilings for the ultimate built-in look. Motorised operation makes controlling your Maglette Skylight blinds easy from anywhere.

This is a system that can operate at any angle from vertical to horizontal, with the blind drawing upwards, downwards or sideways.

Maglette Skylight Blinds feature extruded aluminium headboxes at each end (either 100 x 92.5mm or 125 x 117.5mm high, depending on blind size) and slim side channels (35mm wide), with the fabric locked-in using zip technology.

Universal profiles allow the frame to be fixed through the top, face or sides as required.

The zip is applied to the fabric’s edge and a slotted, floating channel encases this edge of the fabric, holding it secure whilst allowing movement up and down within it.

A main side-channel that can be fitted in any orientation holds the floating channel section concealing the zip-edge for an improved appearance.

The Maglette Skylight System provides:

  • Tensioned rooflight blind system
  • Extruded aluminium headboxes
  • Slim side channels
  • 5 year warranty
  • Sizes up to 3.6m wide; 4.1m drop; 9m²
  • Motorised or crank handle operation
  • Dimout, blackout or sunscreen fabrics
Maglette zip edge fabric
Maglette zip side channel
Maglette headbox

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