When solar control is required in horizontal or near-horizontal applications, our skylight blind systems are a dependable solution.

Enviroscreen designs, manufactures and installs all types of skylight blind systems, including the largest systems in the world. Our expertise enables us to accommodate all bespoke requirements and our highly-trained fitting team rises to the most challenging of installation circumstances.


Wire-Guided Rooflight Blinds

This roller blind system has powerful constant-tension spring (CTS) units that can operate at any angle between vertical and horizontal, and can draw upwards, downwards or sideways.

Maglette rooflight skylight closed

Maglette Skylight Blinds

Zipped-edge fabric retention combined with powerful constant-tension spring technology is what makes this the perfect cassette solution for rooflights, atria and sloping windows.

Providing efficient control whilst retaining the benefits of natural light, skylight blinds also give a semi or total visual barrier for privacy and security.

Available in a wide range of fabrics with differing levels of reflectance, light and heat can be controlled to achieve optimum working conditions, including prevention of glare on computer screens.

The sunscreen fabrics used for these blinds vary in colour and ‘openness’, with corresponding degrees of reflection, absorption, dispersion or visual transparency. Metallic backings are available for maximum reflection, and total blackout can also be achieved with appropriate materials and side guiding channels.

Air flow is a prime consideration for shades where skylights also serve for ventilation. High performing, breathable fabrics facilitate ease of operation by preventing issues triggered by air pressure.

Operation is straightforward, via manual or electronic control. Hand-held remote controls or wall switches offer maximum convenience, with potential to operate blinds individually or simultaneously. Blind control can also be incorporated into a BMS (Building Maintenance System) for maximum responsiveness to light levels and times of day.

Enviroscreen works closely with project personnel to design and produce roller systems that achieve the required solar control and which harmonise with the overall interior scheme.

No sizes have proven too large for our capability and we actively support every customer to ensure project success.

Tell Us About Your Project

    Dual Function Skylight Rollers

    Dual function roller systems comprise one motorised fabric roller which synchronises the fabric drawing action with movement of the tensioning wires via pulleys to enable fabric to be held taut.

    Bespoke Designed Supportwork

    The architectural nature of atriums often demands attention from our CAD design and engineering departments to produce bespoke supportwork and bracketry that complements the overall scheme.

    Facetted Glass Atria

    Where glass within atria is facetted and the shading system desired has to draw in close alignment to it, we offer a specific system consisting of multiple rollers that guide the fabric around each facet.

    Barrel Vault Skylights

    The challenges that curved skylights present in the design of appropriate shading are often rewarded if well considered. Attention to every detail of the system will not only create effective shading but convey prestige.

    Design Consultation

    Consultation with Enviroscreen at the early design stages of a project helps to eliminate problems later on. Experience proves that well-planned projects produce solutions of optimum value and performance.

    Total Solar Solutions

    In order to receive the maximum return on investment all factors influencing solar gain reduction, glare control and levels of natural light required must receive detailed attention in order to produce the optimum solution.


    NHS surgery in Edmonton

    The total length of this rooflight blind was over 16 metres, the longest electric blind we had ever made, performed stunningly in this unique operation.


    Health Centre Atrium

    The pleated and motorised rooflight blinds installed at this health centre provided the perfect ambient solution to the atrium waiting entrance area.