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When active but flexible control of sunlight is required, our Venetian blind systems excel, providing a variable and aesthetically-pleasing solution.

Whilst not an option where blackout may be required, Venetian blinds are perfect for everyday screening of the sun’s rays and provision of effective privacy. The precise control over light levels is a popular feature, with opening or closure of the slats as well as normal height adjustment.

This enables light to be directed in a room rather than simply screened right out, and maintains a sense of space and natural light which promotes positive wellbeing.

The construction of Venetian systems makes it possible to manufacture bespoke blinds for shaped applications such as arches or circular glazing. Blinds can also be fitted within glazed units, preventing damage or dust build-up, and most types have the option of perforated slats to screen sunlight but maintain a consistent view out.

Sized to Suit

Produced in standard widths of 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm Venetians have slat sizes to suit every situation. Combined with wire side guides, 25mm Venetians form exceptionally effective door screens.

Operation Options

Operation is straight forward, utilise manual pull cords with control wands, mono-chain controls and electric operation with remote controls or wall switches that raise, lower and twist slats into position.

Outward Vision

Use of a deeper slat, coupled with precisely positioned perforations, creates optimum outward vision without compromising glare control properties; this helps generate an ‘open’ office atmosphere.

Complementary Aesthetics

The horizontal overlapping slats of Venetian blinds are available in an extensive range of materials and finishes, making it easy to select an option that enhances any interior design scheme.

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