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Enhancing the Workplace: Office Blind Fitting in St Albans

When we set out to provide office blind fitting services in St Albans, we wanted to ensure that our blinds were the best quality and offered genuine value to our customers. That is to say, we know that office blinds should provide privacy and presentation but we also wanted to provide a quality service.


The Importance of Office Blind Fitting in St Albans

Enviroscreen Systems take pride in offering a huge premium range of solutions in the London  and St Albans area. Here is pretty much everything you should know about office blind fitting and choosing the best option for your offices:


How to Measure Office Blinds the Right Way

When it comes to office blind fitting in St Albans, measurement is critical in spite of it being perceived a straightforward process. However, you will need to decide on whether the fitting should be inside or outside the recess. In most cases, choosing a combination of blinds and curtains is popular but most importantly, in the case of a particularly large office, you will need a blind that fits outside the recess. Ideally, this option will block out most of the light.


Inside the Recess – On the other hand, if you go with an office blind that fits inside the recess of the windows, you will need to measure the precise width and height of the recess along with the point at which the recess is most narrow.

Outside the Recess – As for office blinds that fit outside the recess, you can add 4 centimeters to both sides of the window recess and 15 centimeters to the height. At this point, you can also decide not he most suitable side to hang the pulley system so that access is as easy and convenient as possible.

That being said, what are the most popular options or styles for office blind fitting in St Albans?


Office Blinds to Suit the Workplace Environment 

Indeed, office blinds have an important part to play in the success of a particular workplace. In this sense, businesses are eager to establish an evironment to nurture productivity and appease employees in the best possible way. As you may know, lighting is always central to the ambiance in an office and natural lighting is especially important. At the same time, privacy is usually needed in a work environment and various types of blinds are required to accompany each environment. Here are the most popular choices for office blinds St Albans and the London area:

Roller Blinds – Roller blinds are a popular choice for office blind fitting in St Albans and there are many colors, patterns and fabrics for each set. In this sense, they offer a versatility that makes them popular, for the variety of styles can be tailored to any environment. As a rule, dark roller blinds will nurture a darker office environment while neutral colors can brighten the rooms. 

Roman Blinds – Roman blinds are laid out in a vertical style and are best known to compliment a contemporary or modern office. As you may know, the fabric folds as Roman blinds are raised and these are also available in a variety of colors and patterns. For this reason, they are suited to modern offices but also suitable for a tradition office setting. Some might say that roller blinds are a classy alternative to curtains and they allow for light to filter through the gaps which makes them stand out among alternatives.

Venetian Blinds – London is littered with offices featuring Venetian blinds which provide a certain flexibility that can suit almost any office space. Venetian blinds are also customizable which enables them to throw any degree of shade in an environment. Although a rather luxurious option, venetian blinds are elegant and also available in a wooden form.

Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds are popular for particularly tall windows but the ease at which this style can be cleaned is beneficial. Once again, they are available in a range of colors and patterns.


The Benefits of Blinds in the Office

As you know, blinds are a much more contemporary choice for the office and highly flexible compared to curtains. At the same time, blinds are also more practical in a sense that the amount of light can be controlled and the design can make a room feel more spacious. In many ways, this is why office blind fitting in St Albany’s has become so popular, for these blinds are a much more attractive option to accompany modern offices and technology driven evnvironment. Furthermore, the flexibility of blinds ensures there is more control in terms of the overall ambiance in the office.


Choosing the Right Company for Office Blind Fitting in St Albans

Although there are many fitting companies in London, you want to pick out a team that takes time to ensure the most approach blinds for your office. Needless to say, this should be a repeatable company who has both experience and testimonials for their work. Moreover, professional fitters will always establish how each type of blind will impact the environment before deciding on the right option.

On the other hand, the cost of office fit-outs can be astronomical so choosing the right contractor should also take this cost into account. As a rule, the cheapest company does not necessarily mean the best but the same can be said about the most expensive. Whether you go for the more expensive option or not, your blinds should also come with a warranty and a verbal guarantee of longevity.


Reputable Office Blind Fitting in St Albans

While we fully encourage our clients to take responsibility for the design of their workspace, we know how busy times can leave little time for figuring out this process. With this in mind, here at Enviroscreen, we make every effort to take ownership of choosing and fitting the right blinds for our customers. Whether you need something natural, contemporary or simply dynamic enough to enhance the mood in your office; we have a range of colors and styles to suit any environment. Furthermore, when it comes to cost, we offer the best office blind fitting in St Albans at the most affordable prices and a customer experience which has enabled us to become one of the premier blind fitting companies in London and the surrounding areas.


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