Blind Box


Manhattan Loft Gardens Blind Box

Blind Box

Our bespoke and totally customised solution to conceal roller blinds within ceiling or wall boxes for windows and skylights, fitting seamlessly within your building structure. The blinds drop from a narrow slot and are completely hidden from view when retracted.

We design, extrude, fabricate, powder coat and install this innovative system along with custom-built blinds, motors, software and interfaces for electric operation and automation.

Our Blind Box is an excellent solution to provide:

  • Concealment of blinds to give clear vision and operation of windows
  • Fixing position and grounds for blinds within building design often forgotten
  • To accommodate and hide unusual details as well as electrical connections
  • Provides access for easy repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Clean contemporary luxury finish blending in with building design rather than looking like an add-on
  • Should be fitted ideally during construction process but can also be fitted retrospectively

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