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Enviroscreen leads the way in creating bespoke and customised window treatments designed for modern commercial spaces.

By collaborating with architects, designers and facility managers we deliver custom solutions that enhance aesthetic appeal, functionality and environmental sustainability in office buildings, hotels and more.

From high-performance blinds to decorative window films, our products are designed to improve light control, privacy and energy efficiency.

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Our window treatments are trusted by industry leaders to redefine commercial environments.

These case studies exemplify our commitment to excellence and sustainability in diverse settings.

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Our guides provide valuable information on selecting, installing, and maintaining window treatments that contribute to more sustainable and efficient buildings.

Residential high-rise overheating
How to Reduce Overheating in High-Rise Properties

The experience of overheating at home or work can impact the health of the occupants, it can reduce productivity and result in adverse effects on their wellbeing and comfort.

What are Environmentally Friendly Blind Fabrics?

You may be considering the environmental impact of your building project, but after reading this article, you may well take the impact of window dressings into account as well.

Window Film vs. Blinds: Which One is Right for Your Building?

Comparing the pros and cons of window film vs. blinds. Discover which option is best for controlling heat, light, UV protection and privacy in your home or office.

Since 1994, Enviroscreen has been at the forefront of window treatment innovation for commercial spaces.

Our dedication to eco-friendly materials and custom solutions makes us a key partner for industry professionals aiming to enhance building performance and aesthetics.