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Enviroscreen offers exceptional expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of blinds, curtains and screening. Working closely with all levels of project personnel, from architects and interior designers,  through to contractors and final users, we contribute at all stages to ensure project success and customer satisfaction.

Boasting many years’ experience in solar shading and screening, our specialism extends to almost anything that runs on tracks, and rolls into view. We apply a creative and design-led approach backed by a solid understanding of the engineering required for any given system.

Fulfilling the design vision of any project, we achieve results that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are reliably functional.

Originally founded as a family business, Enviroscreen still operates under family management and we remain true to our commitment to provide an honest, on-time, personal, quality service. We maintain a skilled and efficient approach but are never too busy to have a friendly discussion of specific project requirements.

What is Solar Shading?

Solar shading (sometimes referred to as ‘solar control’ or ‘solar protection’) is the term used to identify a number of systems to control the amount of heat and light admitted from the sun into a building. Solar radiation provides natural light and heat, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and heating, although excessive solar radiation could result in overheating, which would need to be countered with cooling air conditioning.

This is where solar shading methods can reduce the cost and energy usage of this environment control. Another issue solar shading alleviates is glare and other visual discomforts caused to the occupants of the building.

Solar shading is important to mitigate the impact of a buildings’ energy use whilst providing thermal and visual comfort. For more information see our guide on fixed and dynamic solar shading options.

Bespoke Blind Specialists

There are a plethora of blinds available including vertical & horizontal blinds, roller & tensioned roller blinds and pleated, cellular or honeycomb shades. Take a look at our article – The Benefits of Blinds & Solar Shading in Office Buildings for an overview of these types of blind fittings, their operation styles, materials and variations. The information in this article is still relevant for residential properties, schools and any other type of building.

Contemporary homes and offices are often given a minimalist design for a clean, spacious and elegant feel to the rooms. Larger windows and skylights offer more light and an improved view which has led to a burgeoning demand in window treatments to suit these modern fixtures.

Motorised blinds are certainly a growing trend and the option to hide the blind when not in use by concealing the roller within the recess or ceiling is a desirable feature. Our bespoke Blind Box can be fitted during the construction process or retrospectively, and access is easy for repair or replacement. See our Manhattan Loft Gardens case study to see how the electric roller blinds in these apartments were hidden within concealed blind boxes.

21st century buildings are subject to high quality standards to be energy efficient and provide a healthy, safe environment for the occupants. These high standards of efficiency also apply to improving existing buildings through local initiatives and the introduction of future policies.

Solar shading effectively manages the entry of solar heat and light to provide a thermally and visually comfortable indoor space, that remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Accomplishing a glare free space all year round with the outdoor view maintained and a minimum energy demand on installed cooling, heating and lighting units. We have more detail on how to reduce over-heating in high-rise properties within our article section.

Anti-Microbial, Fire Retardant and Environmentally-Friendly Fabrics

Choice of fabric is crucial to the success of your finished blind from blackout, dim-out, sunscreen, metalized reflective to flame retardant, high energy saving, insulating, sound insulating and sustainable.

There is a renewed concern about fabrics spreading infections through cross-contamination by direct contact, so a pathogen fighting layer of defence will not only aid in infection control, but also prolong the life of the fabric and protect the surface from microbes. This is not only the case in healthcare, but also in offices and the home.

We have a wide-range of fabrics and colours that ensure a distinguished and stylish look and our eco-friendly fabrics are the first sunscreen fabric in the world awarded Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold with a Platinum Material Health certificate. It meets the same performance standards as polyester fabrics, but is 100% extracted from annually renewable vegetable raw materials. Read our article – What are Environmentally Friendly Blind Fabrics? to discover more about sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, standards, certifications, regulations and assessments.

Bespoke Curtain Specialists

Curtains come in a vast array of styles with a range of fabrics suitable for just about any interior. They can completely block out light and add warmth in the cooler months or with a soft, gentler fabric they can create a chic and opulent look that will sway with the breeze when the window is open.

Curtains certainly have a charm and character of their own and even though they are a classic option they are an effective way of blocking sunlight and ensure maximum privacy. The homely ambiance they create is always a favourite for any type of accommodation.

They can also be used as room dividers or creating an acoustic or visual partition and have long been used in theatres for this purpose. The fullness of the curtain would usually affect the acoustic properties, but with recent advances in fabric manufacturing, lightweight sheer and voile materials can have a similar performance.

The curtains we supply and install are not confined to conventional or theatre curtains. With over 25 years as a leading contractor of cubicle tracks and curtains for hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms we have developed a unique perspective on serving our customers’ needs for urgent supply and bespoke customisation.

Our disposable medical curtains are hygienic and efficient with minimal plastic waste, making them the world’s most environmentally friendly curtain for healthcare. And the reusable and washable Stericurtain has anti-microbial properties and a wipe clean surface which prevents the spread of infection, are more cost-effective and sustainable.

The solutions we offer are covered in our Disposable vs Reusable Curtains for Healthcare article.

Cubicle Tracking System Specialists

Providing a reliable source for the healthcare sector, Enviroscreen’s curtains and cubicle tracking systems are known for quality and cost-effectiveness, representing a highly competent, single source for all your cubicle and curtaining requirements.

We supply innovative systems such as the mobile track system for emergency creation or enlarging of bays, the overhead intravenous track for management of bedside drips and equipment, and the gate system which allows tall equipment to pass through the track.

Tracking can also be supplied with antimicrobial coatings to assist prevention of bacteria growth, and anti-ligature magnetic brackets for mental health environments.

We also supply the innovative Qwick Cube, fast assembly patient cubicle system, designed for emergency and field hospitals. Essential for patient privacy and infection control, they are sturdy and either self-supporting or wall fixed curtain tracks, especially useful where there is no structural support or very high ceilings. These are incredibly effective for the Covid-19 pandemic and are made in the UK with stock available for quick delivery. Qwick Cube can be supplied in kit form ready to build by competent staff or supplied and installed by our professional team.

Whatever the specific project requirements, we work closely with you to achieve the best outcome possible within your budgetary allowance.

Technical Expertise

We approach every project with a solution-finding approach, rather than just recommending off-the-shelf products. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience underpins our capacity for creative design, and full CAD facilities enable us to translate creativity into actuality.

Whether designing a solution from scratch or simply working with you to make your ideas a reality, we provide active support right from initial stages of a project.

Our quality of product is supported by exceptional expertise on site. Fully conversant with intricate access solutions, including access machinery, mobile towers and full scaffolding erections, we work with fully licensed and certified personnel to maintain total project safety.

The high standards we set ourselves and responsible approach to business are reflected in our accreditation to recognised certifications such as ISO 9001 and CHAS.

Bespoke Development

Alongside our design capability Enviroscreen have a solid understanding of the engineering involved in product development. Bespoke products can be created using new extrusions to meet specific design requirements.

Awkward Access

Accurate assessment as to which access equipment is most appropriate to use in the area of work is essential. Being fully conversant with all options, Enviroscreen can advise as to the best-suited and safest available.

Environmentally Conscious

Totally aware of the environmental implications our work involves, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment, working to self-imposed policies that meet or exceed legislation.

We enjoy fresh challenges and welcome them from new and existing customers. We look forward to working with you soon.

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